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Find answers to the most frequently asked help topics below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Getting Started

event.digital is a subscription-based streaming service, that lets you watch films and TV shows, and listen to music, podcasts and live radio - from our huge catalog of content - on any Internet-connected device in almost every country worldwide.

We're owned and operated by EDM Broadcasting.

To contact us, please go to our Contact page.

Devices & Connecting

Yes! Almost all Web-enabled devices are compatible with event.digital, including phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, media players, Blu-ray players, DVD players and games consoles. Just go to https://event.digital in the device's Web browser to get started.

In case you can't get an older Web-enabled device to work straight away, make sure you've updated its firmware to the latest version. Check your device's manual, or look up the device's model number online for instructions on how to do this.

Our purpose-built, next generation, state-of-the-art platform means you can use our service without first needing to download an app! You'll always get the same great experience across all your Web-enabled devices! Just open event.digital on your device's Web browser to get started.

Bandwidth requirements will vary depending on the content you are consuming. We use compression on our services to deliver the best possible speed, while keeping your data usage requirements to a minimum. As a general guide, data usage will be approximately:

As actual data rates may vary, as when using any streaming service, we recommend using our service on an unmetered connection.


Content available varies depending on the country you are in due to content licensing. If you are using event.digital while travelling outside your home territory, such as on an aircraft or spacecraft's WiFi connection, the content you have access to in the catalog may change as you move between countries.

Our service is future-proof, and compatible for streaming in space, provided a high-speed Internet connection is avaiable. When using our service in space, content available may change depending on the base station/relay satellites used on the connection. Given the unique nature of space-based Internet connectivity, where the connection is intermittent or the base station/relay connection changes frequently while in orbit, the event.digital licensing system will continue to honor the license first issued when you commenced the stream in that session.

Once you've logged in, either use the menu to select the content you'd like (eg: Watch, Music, Podcasts, Radio) or use the search bar. The content available to you may vary depending on your country, due to licensing requirements.

To help families make informed decisions about what content to watch, event.digital uses the TV Classification Ratings system. For details visit the TV Parental Classification Ratings Guide.


Subscribe from the sign-up form on our home page. It's fast, easy and free! Just go to event.digital in your Web browser to get started.

Remember you'll need to confirm your email address before you can begin to use our service - check the confirmation link that was sent to you after you sign up.

Yes! event.digital is entirely free to access - and is ad-free too!

event.digital is available in almost all countries worldwide, and event.digital Radio is available in all countries. If you are connecting from a country that is not yet supported, you will see a Region Unavailable message when you try to log in. Even in an unsupported country, you will still be able to register and access the non-content sections of the service.

Click the Forgot Your Password link on the login screen, then follow the prompts.

Unless your plan has a multi-user access option, we ask that everyone registers for a separate subscription. It's free and takes less than 2 minutes. Click here to subscribe.


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